Wednesday, 29 September 2010

'The Accident' still image shot

  • This Image was taken as an action shot of what was taking place within the scene.

  •  This helps understand what the plot may be about but also not giving away the whole of the story.

  •  The reaction on both of their faces tells the viewers that something mysterious or troubling has occurred, which may lead onto the audience thinking of something disturbingly gruesome which may of taken place, by the reaction of their faces. 

  • The title could also give the audience a clue as the name of the movie is "The Accident", this may make the audience feel on edge and insecure in what the accident could of been.

  • Their eyes are pointing towards the ground influencing that someone or something has fallen or dropped, this may formulate the idea of someone being seriously hurt or even have died.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Camera Shots and Rules

  • This is a picture of a two year old Indian girl demonstrating a Close up camera angle  

  •  This shot illustrates the cheesy but cute smile this infant is showing, this can be also known as an "awwww shot".   

  •  This picture has been perfectly taken as the pictures has been centered properly.

  • The image also captures the background but not to much of it meaning the picture is an accurate for a close up shot.

  •  This is a Noddy Shot, this can show the background allowing the scene to be  as important as the character.

  • The character doesn't just attract the viewer but the background is noticed to see what is going on in the scene.

  • This Noddy Shot is clearly shown by the character and  displays the background and interests the audience into what might happen behind her. 

Photoshop Evaluation

As this was my first time in using photoshop, this task was very interesting and made me think about how pictures can be adjusted and changed in order to please the viewers needs. This made me wonder when photoshop may be used on a general basis, this could be used on images such as Magazines, brushing up on the image and also movie posters, making them more Gothic and sinister or making it brighter and jubilant for the viewer to see. 

In the first lesson of using photoshop we had been given a photo of a two men hiking in a mountain range, the photo was dark and the task was to brighten the picture using the photoshop tools. With this task we were to use the Feather tool and also refining the colour to make the image brighter. Photoshop made the difference as the colour refining was an essential tool for this image, this was one of the first steps of many for the use of photoshop.

The second task was to layer images on each other as there was one image of a teenage girl and a black background image, the task was to blend both images together leaving you with a merge of the teenage girl and the black background. This was a valuable tool as this helped me understand the different techniques of blending and merging two photos together t make one photo more interesting and attractable.

This task taught me how to use photoshop correctly and also this allowed me to adjust and crop photos to my liking. This  was a very valuable lesson and will be using this program more often.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Interesting Photo

  • This image is an image of Will Smith and Gene Hackman, as this is a side on camera shot and is them discussing something, as there expressions tell that there annoyed and frustrated. 
  • This Mis-en-scene shows there discussion being a a tense and anxious place, by the posture of the two men and the expressions on their face show that there is trouble. 
  • The background light shows that the two men are more important, as the white background make the men stand out relating to the importance of the conversation.
  • The side shot shows more importance to the men's conversation and giving the effect of suspense and anticipation, these two men standing here in this scene show their key importance in this film and the scene.